Dorstone Neighbourhood Plan

Who We Are

The Neighbourhood Plan team comprises two groups. The Steering Group, and the Neighbourhood Forum.

Steering Group

The Parish Council are the body authorised to undertake the Plan and form the core of the Steering Group comprises:

Colin Thomas
Simon Gaze
Mary Hession
David Phillips
Tony Usher
Alistair Phillips
Cathy Gethin
Christopher Hendy
Vice Chair
Consultative Group
Environment Group
Housing Group
Consultative Group
Housing Group
Housing Group

They are joined by a small group of parish volunteers:

Russell Goodwin
Tim Rogers
Sarah Catterall
Sophie Robinson
  Environment Group
Environment Group
Consultative Group
Consultative Group
Penny Platts Secretary  

There are 3 sub-groups made up of Steering Group members focusing on: Community Engagement, Housing & Settlement Plans, and Environmental, & Economic Needs.

Neighbourhood Forum

The Neighbourhood Forum comprise a wider, informal group of 30-40 parishioners who have expressed an interest in providing the Parish Council and Steering Group with active feed back on ideas and proposals as the plan develops. Anyone in the Parish who is interested in contributing to the Forum and has not already been approached should contact Colin Thomas via the Email Contact Form as soon as possible.

Diary of Upcoming Events